what is NVC?
"NVC helps me connect with the magic of life."
- Anna Groves
Anna Groves on the essence of NVC
Nonviolent Communication (otherwise known as NVC or Compassionate Communication) is a process that was developed by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg in the 1960s. Based on principles of nonviolence, the natural state of compassion, NVC reminds us how uplifting it feels to authentically connect with ourselves and other human beings. It offers practical and powerful skills that enhance relationships and enrich life, developing a deep sense of internal peace. NVC can be experienced as a spiritual practice, and as a concrete set of tools, which help create life-serving families and communities.

The model is simple, yet powerfully transformative. By practising NVC we learn to identify what is alive, both in ourselves and in others. We are able to hear what the true intention is and what lies beneath the words/behaviour. We learn how to identify our feelings and understand our needs. We learn to listen deeply.

NVC encourages the cultivation of presence, which is a quality of being that exists in all of us. Compassionate presence supports connection to occur effortlessly and healing to unfold naturally. There is an utter simplicity in cultivating presence and as we begin to meet others that way, wonderful things will occur.
'NVC is a way of being. Real, vulnerable and connected.'
- Anna Groves